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2020 Opening Academic Session

Keynote address by Columbia Law School Professor (and former SEC Commissioner) Robert Jackson.

Registration required.

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The Trump Effect on Businesses – What You Need to Know

By: Yian Pan

Donald John Trump was sworn in on January 20, 2017 as the 45th President of the United States and the only president who has neither had any political experience nor any military experience. 1 Regardless of political views, this administration will undoubtedly bring about drastic changes in this country. This post will focus on some of the potential changes and the effects the new administration will have on corporations and businesses, including Trump’s proposed corporate tax plan, his trade war, Dodd-Frank reforms and future prosecutions of corporate crime. read more

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Panel of Experts Looks at Technology, Entrepreneurs and the Law

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Live, Work, and Play (No, I Don’t Mean Gambling): How Diversification is the Key to Atlantic City’s Resurgence

by: Gemini A. Nazareno, Jr.

While work on Atlantic City’s “Gateway Project” is well underway, the city’s government and partners are going into overdrive to spur economic development.[1] Currently, planning, funding, and construction is being coordinated by the Atlantic City Development Corporation, headed by President Christopher Paladino.[2] The new Stockton University campus and South Jersey Gas headquarters hope to rejuvenate the Chelsea neighborhood and demonstrate that the once-popular East Coast resort and gambling mecca is preparing for its comeback.[3] Given the headline news coverage highlighting the struggles of the poverty-stricken municipality—which is attributed to its dependency on gaming, tourism, and casino competition from neighboring states—the Gateway Project hopes to prove that diversification of its economy is the key to the aging city’s resurgence.[4] In order for the whole city to be successful and to transform, Atlantic City’s government and partners must embrace the Gateway Project’s model of diversifying and broadening its economic base to include corporate, residential, commercial/retail, healthcare, and academic offerings.[5] read more

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The Inter-Coastal Circuit Split On Tippee Liability

The Inter-Coastal Circuit Split On Tippee Liability: Is Judge Rakoff California Dreaming About Overturning Newman?
by: Autumn Knicely

The reason for the current circuit split between the Second and Ninth Circuits on tippee liability can be traced to one maverick judge: Hon. Jed S. Rakoff. Judge Rakoff is determined to change the law to hold Wall Street accountable. However, it is unlikely the Supreme Court will follow his lead, however much it makes sense for them to do so.

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