Protecting Consumers in a New Era

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  • Protecting Consumers in a New Era
  • March 31, 2017

Protecting Consumers in a New Era

On Friday, March 31, 2017, the Center for Corporate Law and Governance and the Rutgers Institute for Professional Education co-hosted a half-day conference, Consumer Financial Protection in a New Era, at Rutgers Law School. The conference brought together practitioners, academics, regulators, and legal advisors to discuss a variety of consumer finance issues. Panelists approached consumer finance issues from both a federal and state law lens; topics included the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent enforcement actions and proposed rules, debt collection in state courts, and arbitration clauses in consumer credit contracts. Practitioners, academics, and students attended the conference, and free CLE was available to attendees who committed to taking on a pro bono case for Legal Services of New Jersey.

Panel 1: Policing Banks


  • Jeffrey Ehrlich
    Deputy Enforcement Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Christopher Peterson
    John J. Flynn Professor of Law at The University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law, and former Special Advisor in the Office of the Director at the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau



Panel 2: Debt Collection and Justice


  • Dalié Jiménez
    Associate Professor of Law and Jeremy Bentham Scholar at the University of Connecticut’s School of Law, and former policy fellow at the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Christopher Albin-Lackey
    Senior Legal Advisor with Human Rights Watch
  • David McMillan, Attorney, Legal Services of New Jersey



Jiménez, Dalié, Dirty Debts Sold Dirt Cheap (March 2015). Harvard Journal on Legislation, Vol. 52, pp. 41-124 (2015). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2250784 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2250784

Panel 3: Mandatory Arbitration and Justice


  • Andrew R. Wolf
    Founder of The Wolf Law Firm, LLC, and Adjunct Professor at Rutgers Law School
  • Chrystin Ondersma
    Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School

Discussion: Strategies for Protecting Consumers in a New Area

Read more about the conference at https://law.rutgers.edu/news/consumer-protection-conference-discusses-predatory-lending-and-consumer-fraud