Rutgers Law School 217 North Fifth Street room 206 April 18, 2017
The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Math Genius, a Gang of Backstabbing Bankers, and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History

The Rutgers Law School Center for Corporate Law and Governance and the Institute for Information Policy and Law present a talk by David Enrich, Wall Street Journal award-winning business reporter on Tuesday April 18, 2017 | 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. | Room 206 – Rutgers Law School | 217 North Fifth Street | Camden, NJ .  Reception following.  Please RSVP by April 12th to carol.shaner@law.rutgers.edu.

Rutgers Law School 217 North Fifth Street March 28, 2017
Insider Trading After Salman – Tuesday, March 28

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 | 5:30 PM  – 7:00 PM – Room E403 Faculty Lounge| Reception to follow on the Clark Commons Bridge

In December, the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous victory for prosecutors in Salman v. U.S. The Court’s decision did not fully resolve some difficult issues in tipper-tippee law that arose after the Second Circuit’s 2014 decision in U.S. v Newman, which had limited the scope of insider trading prosecutions. Our panelists will react to the decision in Salman and discuss the current state of insider trading law.

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Rutgers Law School 217 North Fifth Street room E110 March 29, 2017
Women in the Workplace: Corporate and Business Law – Wednesday, March 29 – Room E110

Corporate and business law is reputed to be a profession dominated by men. Even as firms have made strides towards inclusiveness, the gender gap persists. Our speakers will explore the reasons for this and try to separate myth from reality. What are the ways in which the profession has discouraged or forestalled more women from choosing a career in corporate or business law? How should women with an interest in business law approach these issues? What role do law schools have to play in this effort? Our speakers have different experience and approach these issues from different perspectives.

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Rutgers Law School 217 North Fifth Street April 7, 2017
Second Annual Corporate Compliance Institute – Friday, April 7

Friday, April 7, 2017 │ 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. │Reception following

In the wake of several high-profile corporate scandals and government prosecutions, corporate compliance continues to grow in interest and importance to business organizations. Compliance professionals spend much of their time working to ensure that compliance programs are well-tailored to their firm and effective for management, employees, and customers. Compliance policies and procedures must be appropriately drafted, implemented, and enforced. But as the importance of corporate compliance grows, there is no consensus on what constitutes an effective compliance program.

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Rutgers Law School March 31, 2017
Protecting Consumers in a New Era – Friday, March 31

Consumers of financial products and services may face a variety of problematic practices, from abusive collection attempts to fraud to oppressive loan terms that leave debtors unable to meet their basic needs. This program will focus on the available methods for addressing these concerns, including arbitration, courts, advocacy groups, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as well as the limitations and challenges with each avenue of consumer financial protection, particularly in light of the new political era.

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The Scarlet Insider Date Not Set
In-House Counsel as “Compliance Generalist”

Bruce A. Ortwine, Class of 1981, examines how an in-house counsel that advises on compliance matters is vital to an organization’s success in this week’s Scarlet Insider. See the full post here.