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Blockchain and Fintech Program

Program Leadership

Prof. Douglas Eakeley

Founder and Co-director, Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance

Prof. Yuliya Guseva

Head of the Blockchain and Fintech Program

About the Program

The Blockchain and Fintech Program is organized under the auspices of the Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance. It is engaged in multidisciplinary blockchain and fintech research, as well as a curriculum- and project-based set of activities designed to advance faculty and student engagement in blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, fintech, and related subjects. It seeks to help prepare the next generation of lawyers, business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others to be able to develop and apply these technologies and business practices.

Research and Publications

  1. Yuliya Guseva, Irena Hutton & Hang Miao, “National Enforcement and International Consequences in Cryptoasset Markets” (work in progress)
  2. Yuliya Guseva, “When the Means Undermine the End: The Leviathan of Securities Law and Enforcement in Digital-Asset Markets,” The Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy (peer-reviewed, forthcoming 2022)
  3. Douglas Eakeley & Yuliya Guseva with Leo Choi & Katarina Gonzalez, “Crypto-Enforcement Around the World,” 94 Southern California Law Review Postscript 99 (2021)
  4. Yuliya Guseva, “The SEC, Digital Assets, and Game Theory,” 46 The Journal of Corporation Law 629 (2021)
  5. Yuliya Guseva, “A Conceptual Framework for Digital-Asset Securities: Tokens and Coins as Debt and Equity,” 80 Maryland Law Review 166 (2020
  6. Douglas Eakeley & Yuliya Guseva with Leo Choi & Katarina Gonzalez, “The Comparative Crypto-Enforcement Report” (2021)

Programs and Events

The Rutgers Fintech and Blockchain Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is a series of bimonthly gatherings of leading lawyers, former regulators, and academics interested in regulatory and industry developments in fintech, defi, crypto, and blockchain-based businesses. The purpose of the Collaboratory is to create a forum for policy discussion and analysis.

Spring 2021 Meetings of the Collaboratory:

Speakers and Panelists:

February 2021 meeting:

  • David L. Yermack, Albert Fingerhut Professor of Finance and Business Transformation, Chair, Finance Department, NYU Stern School of Business

April 2021 meeting:

  • Todd Henderson, Michael J. Marks Professor of Law, Chicago Law School,
  • Yuliya Guseva, Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School

May 2021 panel discussion:

  • Francesca Don Angelo, Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Galaxy Digital 
  • Elizabeth Lan Davis, partner at Murphy & McGonigle and former Chief Trial Attorney for the CFTC’s Division of Enforcement 
  • Merav Ozair, Fintech Faculty Member at Rutgers Business School 
  • Lee Schneider, General Counsel at Ava Labs

Fall 2021 Meetings of the Collaboratory:

Speakers & Panelists:

September 2021 meeting:

  • Yasha Yadav, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Community & Professor of Law, Vanderbilt Law School
November 2021 meeting:
  • Carol Goforth, University Professor and Clayton N. Little Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law
  • Brian C. Avello, General Counsel of the Maker Foundation


Financial Regulation and Innovation Course

This course introduces students to the regulatory framework designed for legacy financial institutions and explores regulatory approaches to financial innovation, including cryptocurrencies, digital assets, defi, and fintech. The course was first offered in the spring 2021 semester. It was co-taught by Professor Yuliya Guseva, Rutgers Law School, and Professor Merav Ozair, Rutgers Business School. Several distinguished guest speakers joined the class and shared their experiences with the students. Among the speakers were Markos Zachariadis, Professor in Financial Technology at Manchester Business School and Fintech Research Fellow at Cambridge University; Lee Schneider, General Counsel at Ava Labs; John Ho, Global Head of Legal, Financial Markets at Standard Chartered Bank; and Lewis Cohen, partner at DLx Law.

Blog Posts and News Articles


The Fintech and Blockchain Program is generously supported by the University Blockchain Research Initiative, the Ripple Impact Fund, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Fintech Fellows and Researchers

2021-2022 Research Team

  1. Riham Alzabey, JD (expected 2022): A third-year law student, Riham is the Senior Articles Editor for the Rutgers Business Law Journal, a Teaching Associate in the Legal Analysis, Writing and Research Skills course, and the student fellow for the Center for Corporate Law and Governance.
  2. Allison Berdichevskiy, JD (expected 2022)
  3. Hang Miao, PhD Student, Rutgers University
  4. Kale Pasch, JD (expected 2023). Kale is a first-year law student at Rutgers University-Camden. Prior to joining the Center’s Fintech Research Program, he co-founded a financial technology startup and worked for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as a national bank examiner.
  5. Melissa L. Perez, JD (expected 2022).  Melissa is a candidate at Rutgers School of Law (Newark) and currently works as a law clerk at Inglesino, Webster, Wyciskala & Taylor LLC. Melissa earned her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from George Washington University. Prior to law school, Melissa served the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit in Geneva, Switzerland to conduct research for an organizational management and accountability report.

2020-2021 Research Team

  1. Allison Berdichevskiy, JD (expected 2022)
  2. Hang Miao, PhD Student, Rutgers University
  3. Matthew Moore, JD (2021)
  4. Nikita Shah, JD (2021)
  5. Kristen Scully, JD (2021)
  6. Andrew Serulneck, JD (2021)
  7. Yang Zhang, PhD Student, Rutgers University

2019-2020 Research Team

  1. Leo Choi, JD (2020)
    Leo is currently an Associate at Sosnow & Associates PLLC.

  2. Katarina Gonzalez, JD (2020)
    In 2020, Katarina published a note on permissioned blockchains and smart contracts in the Rutgers University Law Review. She is currently working for WingIt Innovations LLC as an eCommerce and Contracts Manager.