Part I: “Initial Coin Offerings Three Years Later”

Part II: Proof-of-Work Mining with Time-Shared Hashing Power”

Professor David Yermack, a renowned scholar in blockchain and fintech. Professor Yermack is Chair of the Finance Department of NYU Stern Business School, Albert Fingerhut Professor of Finance and Business Transformation, and the Director of the NYU Pollack Center for Law and Business.

Professor Yermack will present on two cutting-edge topics. The first part of his speech, “Initial Coin Offerings Three Years Later,” that ICOs have demonstrated surprisingly solid investment returns. Given the strong enforcement stance on ICOs and other forms of raising capital through crypto-offerings, David Yermack’s findings are vital for future policies in crypto and fintech. Professor Yermack’s second presentation topic will be more technical – “Proof-of-Work Mining with Time-Shared Hashing Power.” It will address the dangers and conflicts of mining.