By: Douglas S. Eakeley  and Yuliya Guseva – Rutgers Law School, Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance

The market for cryptoassets is burgeoning as distributed ledger technology transforms capital and financial markets. With the extraordinary growth in the crypto-markets comes the need for regulation to promote efficiency, capital formation, and innovation while protecting investors. With the need for regulation comes enforcement.

In a new article, Crypto-Enforcement Around the World, we elaborate on these issues and report on the results of an international enforcement survey conducted by our Blockchain and Fintech Research Program. Our analysis also builds on the results of the research by one of the co-authors, Prof. Guseva, in her articles (The Leviathan of Securities Regulation in Crypto-Offerings and The SEC, Cryptoassets, and Game Theory).

Read the article in its entirety here.