Industry Associations and Transnational Governance Project

Industry Associations and Transnational Governance Project

This project explores the role of industry or trade associations in governance, both within and across borders.  The aim is to create a forum for practitioners, regulators, and academics across disciplines to discuss the how and why of associations’ engagement in governance activities, ranging from informal standard setting to participating in international law making efforts.  The project also examines the opportunities and challenges that arise as a result of involving associations in governance, at both national and international levels.  Those interested are invited to attend (and organize) conferences in support of the project and to contribute to the Center’s working paper series on industry associations and transnational governance. The faculty contact point for this project is Prof. Sarah Dadush (sdadush@kinoy.rutgers.edu).

On Friday, June 10, Rutgers Law hosted to the Industry Associations and Transnational Governance conference. The conference brought together practitioners and scholars to discuss the role of industry (or trade) associations in transnational governance. Via panel discussions, attendees deepened their understanding of how industry associations develop and administer standards and rules for governing their members and their industries (e.g. pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, financial products), both within and across borders. The discussion shed light on the dynamics between industry associations and the formal law-making bodies of governments and international organizations. It further highlighted the opportunities and challenges that associations encounter in carrying out their governance functions.

This event was organized by the International Organizations Interest Group (IOIG) of the American Society for International Law, the Rutgers Law School Center for Corporate Law and Governance, and the Rutgers Institute for Professional Education. View the full agenda here.

A full list of speaker bios can be found here.

Video from the panel discussions can be viewed here.

A report of the conference proceedings can be found here.

Papers that were presented include:

Astroturf Activism by Melissa J. Durkee

Industry Associations and International Rule-Making by Ayelet Berman

Industry-Specific Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives That Govern Corporate Human Rights Standards: Legitimacy assessments of the Fair Labor Association and the Global Network Initiative by Dorothee Baumann-Pauly, Justine Nolan, Auret van Heerden, & Michael Samway

Scaling Up Sustainability Collaboration: Contributions of Business Associations and Sector Initiatives to Sustainable Development